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Buying property in Europe

The website “Buying Property in Europe”www.buyingmyhome.euprovides information in English and French explaining how to buy property in the 22 EU countries with the notarial system. The easy-to-access website is based on specific questions and is intended as a practical tool for consumers, helping them to understand the different stages of a real estate transaction depending on the national law applicable. The information is split into three sections:

  • 1) Preparing the contract and the various stages of the procedure (initial agreement, financing and financing guarantees, information relating to the property and the parties);
  • 2) Signature of the contract by the parties;
  • 3) Performance of this contract (transfer of ownership, payment of property price and taxes, handing over of keys, publication of ownership in the land registers).

In Europe, 2.5 million homes belong to people living in a Member State other than that in which the property is located and several million Europeans no longer live in their country of origin. However, whether buying a secondary residence, making an investment or moving abroad, buying property in Europe remains a complex operation, particularly because of the differences between national laws. The “Buying Property in Europe” website is therefore a precious tool to help understand the different stages of real estate transactions and it will provide very useful information for citizens before they consult a professional such as a notary.