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ENN Interlocutor Antonio Cappiello presents his economic study of the notarial profession at the French Association of Law and Economic (AFED) conference

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At the French Association of Law and Economic (AFED) conference held in Nice on 19-20 October, the ENN Interlocutor for Italy and economist Antonio Cappiello presented a study he co-authored with Claudio Ceccarelli, Director of the Italian Institute of Statistics. Their research examined the impact of notarial regulation on the economy, revealing several key findings:

  • Consumer Cost and Regulation: The study found that in well-regulated notarial systems, consumer costs during real estate transfers are lower, showing an inverse correlation with the level of notarial regulation.

  • Efficiency and Quality: Highly regulated notarial systems result in faster and higher-quality real estate transfers, benefiting both buyers and sellers.

  • Combating Money Laundering: Notaries are vital in the fight against money laundering. The research indicates that well-regulated systems tend to have better compliance with international standards.

  • Benefits for the State and Society: Notaries, as qualified legal professionals, contribute to legal compliance, credible public registers, and serve as ex ante judges. This benefits the State, transaction participants, and third parties like banks and creditors.
In summary, the study underscores the positive impact of notarial regulation on various aspects of the economy and society, challenging the notion that it hinders economic growth.

For more information:

Study on the OECD PMR indicator applied to notaries (A. Cappiello)

In-depth analysis relating to the homogeneity of the PMR notarial sample (by C. Ceccarelli and A. Cappiello)

Study on the performance of civil law notaries: an analysis of the World Bank's DB indicators shows that countries that adopt civil law notaries for real estate transactions perform better (reduced costs and delays; higher quality) by A. Cappiello
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The ENN Interlocutors meet in Valencia

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ENN meeting

In a demonstration of commitment to strengthening legal ties and foster cooperation, the Consejo General del Notariado played host to the autumn meeting of the European Notarial Network (ENN). The event, held in the charming city of Valencia and co-funded by the European Commission, served as a platform for the Interlocutors to discuss about the implementation of the current work programme and the further developments of the network.

During the meeting, participants engaged in a constructive exchange of ideas, exploring avenues of cooperation between the ENN and EJN-civil. This collaborative spirit promises to yield considerable benefits for legal professionals and it was also stressed by Marie Vautravers, EJN-civil Secretary who was invited to take part in the meeting and participate in the co-creation of future lines of collaboration.

Seminar on Digitalisation in the Notarial practice the Protection of Vulnerable Adults

The spirit of collaboration extended into the following day, as a seminar unfolded, focusing on the digitalisation of notarial practice and the protection of adults. Hosted by the Colegio Notarial de Valencia, this event boasted a lineup of distinguished speakers from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands. These legal experts shared their invaluable insights into how digitalisation can enhance notarial services, as well as the EU legal framework on the protection the rights of vulnerable adults, Following the publication of a legislative package by the European Commission last May.

Leading the charge in coordinating the seminar was José Carmelo Llopis Benlloch, the Spanish delegate for digitization and new technologies at CNUE. In addition, José María Gomez-Riesco Tabernero de Paz, President of the CNUE Family Law working group, lent his considerable expertise in moderating the round table on the protection of adults.

The seminar served as an educational platform for legal professionals from all over Europe, affording them a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of digitalisation in their field. Moreover, the focus on protecting vulnerable adults underscored the unwavering commitment of the European Notariat to safeguarding the well-being of those at risk.
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ENN Transnational Forum – Alpe-Adria region: Exploring the EU Succession Regulation

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The first edition of the ENN Transnational Forum recently took place in Gorizia (Italy). The regional Alpe-Adria event gathered notaries, judges, and esteemed university professors from Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia and was the occasion for them to discuss and exchange insights on practical issues based on direct experience concerning the application of the EU Succession Regulation. The forum was hosted by the Notarial Committee Triveneto and, besides its substantial importance ensured by the scientific coordination of Paolo Pasqualis, Notary in Portogruaro (Italy) and Honorary CNUE President, had a symbolic relevance for the European integration.

The success of this event, which was also followed online by legal practitioners from the involved member states, underscores its importance and the value it brings to the legal community. The format, which encourages collaboration and exchange of good practices, will be repeated in the future. This sets a promising precedent for further regional and international legal gatherings, highlighting the benefits of cross-border cooperation within the European Union's legal landscape. Such events hold the potential to enhance legal practices and facilitate the effective implementation of EU regulations, ensuring a harmonious legal environment.

The second edition of the ENN Transnational Forum will be held on 27 November in Hoeven (Netherlands) and will be attended by practitioners from the Netherlands and from the Flemish region of Belgium.

The practical cases discussed during the Gorizia event can be found here
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